Ghost Ward does everything from recording, mixing, mastering and producing. We are mainly focusing on rock and metal music with an organic and atmospherical sound but we like any challenge we can get, so please try us!


This is also the home of producer David Castillo. Known worldwide for his work with bands like Katatonia, Bloodbath, Opeth, Eluveitie, InMe, KLIMT1918, Draconian and many more…


Ghost Ward is the studio behind the Swedish Grammy nominated "Dead End Kings" (KATATONIA) and highly rewarded albums such as “Night is the New Day” (KATATONIA) and “The Fathomless Mastery” (BLOODBATH).


If you are ready to take your music to the next level and want a high class production don´t hesitate to contact us!



Co-produced, engineered and mixed by David Castillo the album is both clear and strong with every instrument afforded the depth and clarity they deserve while never allowing Jonas’ voice (surely their strongest asset) to get lost in the mix. Put simply, ‘night is the new day’ is a staggering achievement in terms of production, song-writing and even art work. It towers over much of the opposition with scant regard for what is in vogue and, in doing so, they have made a timeless masterpiece which will undoubtedly still be revered for years hence. Katatonia have never been a disappointing band, but here they are light years ahead of their previous works. Stunning on every level.”

- Big Distraction


“David Castillo's mix and engineering as well as Jens Bogren's mastering are in one word perfect.”

“Indeed, this is Katatonia's new masterpiece and it is bound to unlock new horizons for them.”

- Sea of Tranquility


“Night Is The New Day is possibly the greatest 'heavy' record I've heard in the last 10 years.”

- Mikael Åkerfeldt – Opeth


“The Swedes have quite possibly penned their very own masterpiece”

- Rocksound 9/10


“The Fathomless Mastery is one of the best Death Metal albums of the year 2008.”

“Add a great production and a cover which is not particularly beautiful but which fits perfectly to the tortured music of the band and you can be sure that you'll be happy with this new Bloodbath.”

- Metal Storm 8.8/10


“Even David Castillo’s production job is perfect for Bloodbath’s new sound—crisp, clear, and less squelchy than that of their earlier releases without even approaching digital sterility.”

- 9.3/10


“This album is incredible! Best production quality on any death metal album I've heard. Shit's BRUTAL!”

“The new record KILLS!!! Amazing songs, amazing production, amazing band!”

“Sounds awesome. I agree that production is amazing.”

“That's some badass production!!”

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